Digital Marketing Fulfillment & Consulting

We offer digital advertising solutions, training, and digital services to help increase revenue for your organization. Digital expertise at your fingertips with no additional monthly expenses.

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Why PhDesigned?

How We Serve Our Clients

 Let our team at PhDesigned handle the digital agency fulfillment of online advertising and digital marketing services.

We have custom packages that include training of your staff, sales materials and marketing for your agency.


What We Do

Digital Advertising

We offer targeted advertising solutions like search (SEM), display, apps, social, video, OTT, email, and digital audio.


Our PhD Team offers training to help your company understand and sell digital advertising, social media and more.


We educate your team on the latest advertising solutions and identify the reasons why companies advertise.

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue within your organization by adding on these digital advertising services.  Our PhD Team will handle all of the fulfillment after the sale like creative, advertising placement, monitoring and reporting.

Digital Training

We provide training to educate your team on these solutions and how to focus on selling to their customers.  Additionally, we provide sales sheets, powerpoint slides and more to assist in the advertising sales process.

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