An organization’s mission helps to focus their employees on company goals, self-improvement and overall success. At PhDesigned, we pride ourselves on building a learning environment that is focused on our clients. 

How We Serve Our Clients

Our first priority is to serve our customers. If our clients’ business does not grow, then we must identify new methods to enhance their advertising campaigns. Our business will be successful if we hold ourselves accountable for our clients’ achievement.

Aspire and Achieve

Make aspiration and achievement a priority. Help our clients and staff to envision the future, set goals and work toward the achievement of those goals. Reward notable accomplishments. Create a climate in which achievement and talent are prized. Provide opportunities for all persons to utilize and demonstrate their skills. Embrace the premise that every individual has something of value to offer. 

Maintain Healthy and Productive Relationships

Treat others as you would have others treat you. Balance risk taking with prudence, competition with cooperation and foster a working environment free of intimidation. Encourage colleagues to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. Work to present others from making mistakes and help each other to avoid pitfalls. Be trustworthy. Keep confidences. Give compliments when a colleague does something well. Be caring and helpful, always.

Establish Our Company as a Learning Community

We must aspire to be a learning community. Leaders must serve as role models who continually grow in the profession. Leaders should foster an environment for learning. We should provide opportunities for our clients, staff and the community to learn and grow together.

Collaborate and Cooperate

In the digital age, collaboration and cooperation are imperative. People who learn to blend talents, resources, and energy will surpass those who do not. We need to shift from the focus on the individual to the concept of collective thinking. We all have a stake in our company’s success, as well as our own.

Create a Climate of Self Actualization for Employees

Leadership must work with all employees to help them achieve excellence in their craft. Leadership is a resource for growth, quality and distinction among employees. Leadership should offer insights, encouragement, and recognition for those who earn it. Leadership must do the hard things when an employee’s actions become destructive to clients, staff and our mission. In turn, colleagues must help one another to grow and improve. If we work together and help one another, we can achieve synergy within our organization.

Demand Quality

Quality is doing something right the first time. Quality requires thorough planning. Quality demands collaboration with those closest to the job. If we provide quality solutions for our clients and solid business practices within our organization, we will achieve our goals.

Be Innovators

Be a risk taker. Seek novel and advantageous ways to do things. Challenge the status quo. Be optimistic. Together, we can accomplish anything, if we have the vision and courage to try.

Have Fun

In the end, if we are not having fun, then we lost our sense of purpose. We need to realize that developing new ideas, products and services for our clients is fun and exciting. Laugh and grow with your clients and colleagues. We need to value the importance of our work, but also understand the need to inject humor into our approach. LOL