Facebook Access

In order to run Facebook or Instagram Ads for your client, we need access to their Facebook page.  Facebook has many access levels, but we only ask for Advertiser Access.  The advertiser access only permits us to use the clients page and logo at the top of the ads.  See Image below.

When the client is ready, we will send a request through Facebook from our advertising account. The client just needs to login to Facebook (on desktop/laptop) with an account that is an admin for their business page. Then go to the page, click settings at top or side page and then on next screen click page roles. They will then see a request from Online Ad Specials. That is the name of our Facebook advertising account.  See screenshot.

They just need to click to confirm access and then we can add their Logo and Company Name that is shown on their Facebook page into the advertising.  We will also be able to use the access to run Instagram Advertising.

If client does not have a Facebook page, we can always use our General Branded “Online Ad Specials” page or your agency page.  The link in the advertisement will still go to their website, it will just show the Online Ad Specials branding at the top of the ad.

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