Search Advertising

What is Search Advertising? #

Paid advertising that displays ads in search-engine results whenever someone searches for the services or products offered by the advertiser.

Keywords #

By determining the keyword searches that are most relevant to your business’s offerings, you can then bid to place your ads in the search results for relevant keywords. For example, if you sell footwear, you can make sure people searching for keywords like “sneakers” or “women’s boots” see your advertisements.

Match Types #

Negative Keywords #

A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. Your ads aren’t shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase. See graphic below for an example.

Ad Extensions  #

A feature of Google that shows extra business information with your ad, like an address, phone number, store rating, or more webpage links. See graphics below for details and examples.

Site Links #

Link people directly to specific pages of your website (like “hours” and “order now”).

Callout Extension #

Add additional text to your ad (No Link), like “free delivery” or “24/7 customer support.”

Structured Snippets #

Showcase information potential customers will find most valuable by selecting a predefined header (like, product or service category) and listing items.

Call Extension #

Include a number in your ad that people can click-to-call. Call extensions on mobile devices will have a phone icon for users to click-to-call. MOIBLE ONLY.

Location Extension #

These are also hyperlinked and clickable, which naturally draws more attention. A location extension is listed on its own separate line – effectively increasing the entire ad’s size. Plus, on mobile they provide a link with directions to your business.

App Extension #

App extensions are used to entice prospects to download your app. MOBILE ONLY.

Price Extension #

Showcase our price for specific products or services to any user who may see the extension within your ads.


Pricing #

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