Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook advertising? #

Ads that run exclusively through Facebook’s advertising platform. They can appear in Facebook’s feed, Messenger, and even on non-Facebook apps and websites. They come in a variety of formats—single image, video, slideshows, and more—and can be targeted to extremely specific audiences. See below graphic for details.

Pricing Details #

Remember Facebook advertising is paid advertising, anyone can post on their Facebook page for free, but you never know who’s going to see your post. Paid ads you target a particular demographic, and you can be as specific or as broad as you’d like. You even get to determine what user actions you want to pay for, you get different options depending on the business goal. See below details on pricing.

Targeting Options #

Because the platform has so much information about each user, you can target your ads based on almost any demographic feature you can imagine, see below graphic for details.

Additional Information #


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