Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising? #

Paid advertising on websites and apps in the form of visual banner ads that include text and images. These ads can display on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Display Advertising is sold by impressions, which is each time the ad is viewed by a consumer.

Display Advertising Types #

Display ads can vary in terms of who they target and how they work. see below for a breakdown of the different display ad options and what they do.

Site Remarketing #

Target those that previously visited your site (code is required, see instructions on how to add HERE)

Custom Audience #

Reach Active consumers searching for your product through their search history on Google

Use keywords typically used in SEM (AdWords)

Often paired with In Market Buyer Audience

Mobile Geofencing #

For more details CLICK HERE

Premium News #

Target people consuming premium news content.

Display Responsive Ads #

For more details CLICK HERE

Image – (min. 600 x 314)    Logo – (min. 128 x 128)

Short Headline – First line of your ad and fits in smaller ads where long headlines don’t fit.  Up to 25 characters.

Long Headline – First line of your ad and appears in instead of shorter headline in larger ads.  Up to 90 characters.

Description – The description adds to the headline and gets consumers to take action.  It can appear after the short or long headline. The description does not show in all sites.  Up to 90 characters.

Business Name – In certain ads, it will appear at the end of the description.

Ad Specs #

Additional Information


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